Monday, January 18, 2010

Infrared Imaging Detects Cold Drafty New Replacement Windows

For many years, a re-occurring and common complaint to me during an infrared thermal imaging scan is that the new replacement windows are cold and drafty. Savy homeowners often question their contractors ability to deliver their promise on workmanship so they have hired me to double check what they are feeling.

During the scan, the FLIR T-400 infrared camera detects and documents air infiltration at the seam of the upper and lower sash connections. Upon closer examination, the lock is not fully engaged, and when correctly executed, the window seals tight. The images below clearly show a before and after. My advice is to double check that all of the windows are properly closed. You will save money in two ways: 1. energy bills will be lower, 2. my inspection fee. (There are other issues here but I wanted to point out the most obvious and simple one.

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